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    You can be purchase single or more pieces from our HIGH collection.

    Yes, we ship world-wide.


    Orders are tailor made and can be done in 1 until 2 week.
    depending on number of styles, sizes, colors etc. ordered.


    Delivery by EMS or standard mail.
    Delivery time appr. 2 weeks, depending on country and destination.
    We ship from Indonesia.

    Check your order online:



    All prices are given in Euro and are inclusive of shipment to address given.


    Make your payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure.
    Alternatively via Western Union or Bank transfer.

    Request for your Order with Western Union or Bank transfer:
    Email: style, size and color code (under each photo after the style name), etc ...
    and your full address name...
    We will communicate you the details after confirmation of your order.

    Customize the color and chooce the fabric:

    Check the link Customize on each page to pick a colors and change fabric.

    Customize the length:

    The pant length can be customized.
    For all precise measurements (inches or cm)
    I would advise you to use your own best fitting pants as a model.

    How to do it ? Check out: Sizes – to measure.

    Please make sure your measurements you send to us are in inch or cm!


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